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Providing Help and Hope until the search for a cure becomes a reality
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Our Mission
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About Us
KIDNEY KIDS, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to supporting children with kidney diseases and illnesses as well as their families. We are striving to lessen the physical, emotional and financial impacts of living with a kidney disease or illness for children and families in the Greater D.C. Metropolitan area.


There are no cures for many kidney diseases. While no baby, child or family should ever have to endure this, many do. At a time when many medical researchers seek cures for these children's conditions, KIDNEY KIDS has a somewhat different goal - to provide help and hope to these children and their families until the search for a cure becomes a reality.


Providing help and hope until the search for a cure becomes a reality.

While many kidney diseases and illnesses are treatable or curable, many are not, and even those children with hopeful outcomes often must endure complex, sometimes risky treatment programs. There is still much work to be done despite the enormous progress thus far in treating childhood kidney diseases. In our D.C. metropolitan community alone, affected infants and children number in the thousands, and those who currently or imminently will require life-sustaining artificial kidney dialysis treatments and/or transplantation number in the hundreds.


Part of the mission of KIDNEY KIDS is to identify and provide access to educational, emotional and recreational resources and activities for children with kidney diseases and their families. Guidance is provided by the extensive pediatric kidney disease medical expertise that exists in our region. While need is a major factor, a high priority is placed on conventional and novel approaches focused on the nurturing of self-esteem and personal goals for the children, while helping families to succeed.

KIDNEY KIDS began its first-ever fundraising drive in March of 2004. We are very proud to report that, with your help, we have now raised over $100,000 to support the work of KIDNEY KIDS.

KIDNEY KIDS has no paid staff and 100% of your donations
go to support KIDNEY KIDS programs.

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