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Adam Dunn, with help from Kidney Kids, attended Camp Sunshine and loved it!

Family and Patient Testimonials

"THANK YOU for paying for my son's back owed Medicare premiums. It was a great weight off our shoulders. We appreciate what you have done to help our son and our whole family."


"These receipts are for commuting to D.C. to do dialysis three times a week. Thank you for paying and may god bless you and your family."


"Dear Kidney Kids, thank you for helping me to go to Camp Sunshine. It was a good investment. Camp Sunshine was one of the best camps and places I've ever been. I enjoyed it and want to go again. Things we did were great, we went swimming, played games, and lots of arts and crafts. We also made wish boats and jewelry cases. I want to go again and hope you can help, I would like that very much. Thank you and your wife and God bless your family." - Adam Dunn.


Testimonials from Medical Professionals
KIDNEY KIDS recently received an email from the social worker at Children's National Medical Center that said the following:


"At this time of year I always like to remember those who have had an impact on the children and families with whom I have worked - and say thank you! You and all of those affiliated with KIDNEY KIDS truly make a difference to this often forgotten pediatric patient population. Caring for a child with chronic kidney disease impacts so many areas of families' lives for an extended period of time. What you are able to provide has helped some of these families avert crises situations, and as a result be in a better position to care for their child. Others have experienced a respite (Camp Sunshine) that they never would have had the opportunity to, without your organizations support. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!"


Click here to read the letter from Children's National Medical Center

Click here to read the letter from INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children


Testimonials from KIDNEY KIDS
Blood Pressure Monitor Loaner Program

In the August of 2004, KIDNEY KIDS purchased two GE Medical Systems Dinamap blood pressure monitoring machines to begin implementation of the KIDNEY KIDS Blood Pressure Monitor Loaner Program at Inova Fairfax's Hospital for Children's Pediatric Kidney Center. This equipment will be loaned to families that are required to closely monitor their child's blood pressure to help determine the necessary medical protocol and appropriate medication levels. Previously, families would use the manual "blow-up" cuffs which can be very inaccurate for the untrained and thus cause additional stress for the families. Please read the testimonial below to understand the impact this program is having already!

Amy, Brendon and Will.

 "Hello! Our son, Will, spent 2 weeks in the hospital recently where they found that he had severe hypertension. Before he started on BP medicine, his readings were 170's/120's. We are glad to say now that over the past 2 months his BP has dropped dramatically and is feeling wonderful.

Once released from the hospital, we knew we would be taking his BP every 6 hours and this was something we felt was going to be quite challenging...especially since we were given a manual cuff because that was the only thing they had for him, he was 7 months old at the time. The day we were supposed to be going home, the only person who could get a semi-accurate reading from our manual cuff was our doctor. Needless to say we were panicked and then our doctor remembered that KIDNEY KIDS had donated the Dinamap and she said we could take that home with us. We went to her office and tried it out and it was an instant success! We were so relieved and really could not have gone home if it wasn't for this WONDERFUL machine and your generosity. It has been a lifesaver and let Will come back to the comfort of his own home where his recovery has been a speedy one! We cannot thank you enough and just wanted you to know that. Here is a picture of us right before taking his BP."

Sincerely - Amy, Brendan and Will

UPDATE - "Will is doing great and about to celebrate his first birthday. We are just so happy that he is progressing the way he is. It's looking like his problem has resolved itself, but we'll find out for sure when he gets a little older and they can go in and take a look at his kidney. In the meantime, the BP machine puts our minds at ease! What you are doing is a wonderful thing."

"Thanks for loaning a blood pressure machine to my grandson. Your help made his recovery possible. It was a life saver."

"The gifts for the kids were a hit! Everyone loved their Ipods, gift cards and stuffed animals! Thanks again for all of your help."

"Thank you again for sponsoring the Sixth Annual INOVA Pediatric Kidney Center Picnic.  All of our patients and their deserving families had a great time, and we believe this is an event that benefits our families in many ways."

Testimonials from KIDNEY KIDS Financial Assistance Program
KIDNEY KIDS Financial Assistance program provides grants to families of children with kidney diseases or illnesses. These grants will assist in alleviating the financial burden placed on families as a result of treating and caring for a child with a kidney disease or illness. A significant burden can be placed upon families as a result of medical bills, medications, the frequency of treatment plans, necessary home-based medical equipment and supplies, as well as time away from work and lack of medical insurance.


Here are just a few stories of how your donations have helped:

"Jonathan is an adorable 18-month old boy who was born prematurely and spent over a month in the neonatal intensive care unit. Unfortunately, Jonathan also had urinary reflux causing damage to his kidneys. He had multiple surgeries in early infancy but the scarring to his kidneys resulted in the need for chronic dialysis treatments. Jonathan was evaluated for a kidney transplant and the only major obstacle was his insurance coverage. Jonathan's father does have medical insurance, however there are large co-pays and deductibles. Jonathan is eligible for Medicare, which will serve as secondary insurance, due to end-stage renal disease. Unfortunately, due to some unanticipated expenses, Jonathan's family got behind on their Medicare premiums. The transplant team was very concerned about listing him without Medicare, because if the he were to get a kidney the family would have large out-of-pocket bills and ongoing expenses with his post transplant medications. The family had no ability to pay for the back premiums and the transplant surgeon wouldn't transplant him until Jonathan had active Medicare because his family had such poor medication coverage through their private insurance"

KIDNEY KIDS paid for Jonathan's back Medicare premiums.

Geoffrey is a young boy on dialysis. Last year his mother was fired from her job for using all of her medical leave to take her child to his regular dialysis treatments. It is very difficult for Geoffrey's mother to work forty hours per week because she has to take Geoffrey to hospital so often. KIDNEY KIDS has twice paid for their rent and has also provided additional financial assistance.

"Paris is an 18 year old young man who receives peritoneal dialysis at Children's National Medical Center. He has been maintained on dialysis since August of 2005 and is beginning the process to be listed for kidney transplant. He has had some urological complications which have delayed this plan. Paris elected to attend community college this year and hopes to be able to transfer to a 4-year school after two years. Paris is a friendly, sensitive young man who has done a tremendous job juggling his medical regimen, education, family responsibilities and social life. He lives with his mother who has multiple medical problems herself and will require surgery in the next few months. They struggle financially and unfortunately have not been connected with any government programs which may be able to assist. In the mean time, Paris happened to mention that he is having difficulty with math class because he has to copy the pages from a friend's book. He did not have the money to buy the book right now."

KIDNEY KIDS bought Paris his school book and provided additional financial support.

Shawn has been receiving chronic dialysis for the last four years. Shawn's mother works long hours while trying to meet his needs as well as those of his two older half-siblings. The idea of going on a vacation had never entered her mind given the financial constraints and Shawn's dialysis regimen. Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine is a free, family retreat for children and their families who are facing a chronic or life-threatening illness. The family's car was to unreliable to make the trip. KIDNEY KIDS rented Shawn's family an SUV for the week and paid for all of the gas so his entire family could go to Camp Sunshine.

Thank you for helping us help these children and their families!

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