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Having fun at the KIDNEY KIDS Annual Picnic!

KIDNEY KIDS Annual Picnic
Each summer, KIDNEY KIDS is the sponsor of INOVA Fairfax Pediatric Kidney Center’s Annual Picnic. This special event is a day for the children and their parents to meet other families who may be sharing similar experiences so they can learn from each other and hopefully realize they are not alone. While this event does provide the chance to meet others affected by pediatric kidney diseases and illnesses, more importantly, it is a day for the kids and parents to have fun – a day for KIDNEY KIDS to feel like normal kids.


This year’s picnic was held on September 13th in Fairfax, Virginia. KIDNEY KIDS provided the picnic rental area, pony and horse rides, a face-painting clown, a moon bounce, food and prizes for all of the patients, their siblings and their parents, including Washington Redskins tickets and autographed memorabilia, Washington Nationals tickets, Ipod shuffles and portable DVD players. All of the patients and their deserving families had a great time and we believe that this event has a very positive impact on those families in many ways. This is the fourth year that KIDNEY KIDS has sponsored this event.


KIDNEY KIDS Financial Assistance Program

KIDNEY KIDS Financial Assistance program provides grants to families of children with kidney diseases or illnesses. These grants assist in alleviating the financial burden placed on families as a result of treating and caring for a child with a kidney disease or illness. A significant burden can be placed upon families as a result of medical bills, medications, frequency of treatment plans, necessary home-based medical equipment and supplies, as well as time away from work and lack of medical insurance.
Here is how we have helped recently

Pony rides are popular at the KIDNEY KIDS Annual Picnic.

KIDNEY KIDS provided direct financial assistance to two families from D.C. Children's Dialysis Unit. The mother of one of the children on dialysis had recently been fired from her job for using leave to take her child to the regular dialysis treatments. The financial assistance helped the family bridge the gap until she found a new job.

KIDNEY KIDS purchased Nepro (a special formula supplement) for a 5 year-old boy who has been on peritoneal dialysis for several years. The boy had suffered from a failure to thrive but had recently turned a corner since the introduction of Nepro to his diet. Unfortunately, he had reached an age where he was no longer eligible to receive the supplement at a discount and his father had recently been laid off. KIDNEY KIDS purchased several months worth of Nepro for the family to provide the time for the father to look for a new job and for the family to complete the necessary paperwork for a different discount program so the family could again receive the Nepro at a discounted price.

KIDNEY KIDS paid for the travel expenses for the family of a boy who is awaiting a kidney transplant so that his entire family could travel to a special needs camp in Maine.

KIDNEY KIDS has paid numerous medication prescription co-payments for several families whose children are either undergoing dialysis or have other kidney diseases or illnesses. Many of these families struggle with the financial burden of continuing treatment costs.


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KIDNEY KIDS Provides Assistance to the Local
Pediatric Kidney Centers

KIDNEY KIDS purchases needed supplies and equipment for pediatric kidney centers.  These items have included, but will not be limited to medications, general pediatric kidney supplies and equipment as well as items that will help make visits to the centers less traumatic for the children and their families (books, TV’s  with VCR’s, toys, games, stickers, etc.)  Children undergoing dialysis or other treatments may spend 3-5 hours twice a week, at these centers.



KIDNEY KIDS Partners With The Starlight Children’s Foundation
To Help Make Kids Smile

Kaitlyn Turner with her Nephrologist, Dr. Lynne Yao playing with the mobile, multi media "Fun Center."

In October of 2004, KIDNEY KIDS purchased two “Fun Centers” from the Starlight Children’s Foundation and had them placed at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Kidney Center and the Children’s National Medical Center – Pediatric Dialysis Unit (D.C. Children’s).  The mobile, multi-media Fun Center units are one of the signature programs for the Starlight Foundation.  These brightly colored, mobile entertainment units contain a TV, VCR and Nintendo 64 game system in
an irresistible enclosure that rolls right abovethe bed of a hospitalized child.


While entertainment is the prime focus of the program, its effects are far-reaching.  Hospitals report that they frequently rely on “Fun Centers” to divert children during long hours of dialysis or treatments, and further, find that when children utilize “Fun Centers” during post-op their requirement for pain medication is reduced.  Often described as “life savers” during long waiting periods during treatments, Fun Centers also help alleviate feelings of loneliness and boredom for children.


KIDNEY KIDS Blood Pressure Monitor Loaner Program
In the August of 2004, KIDNEY KIDS purchased two GE Medical Systems Dinamap blood pressure monitoring machines to begin implementation of the KIDNEY KIDS Blood Pressure Monitor Loaner Program at INOVA’s Pediatric Kidney Center.  This equipment is loaned to families that are required to closely monitor their child’s blood pressure to help determine the necessary medical protocol and appropriate medication levels.  Previously, families would use the manual “blow-up” cuffs, which can be very inaccurate for the untrained and thus cause additional stress for the families. 


There has been such a need for these machines that in May of 2006, KIDNEY KIDS purchased two additional Dinamaps for the Pediatric Kidney Center.  In June of 2007, KIDNEY KIDS was approached by the family of a pediatric kidney patient named Jack, who was going to be transferring to Johns Hopkins to prepare for a kidney transplant.  Jack’s family was previously using one of the KIDNEY KIDS Pediatric Kidney Center Dinamaps and now had to return it.  Without a machine to constantly monitor his blood pressure at home, Jack’s family was very concerned.  KIDNEY KIDS purchased a fifth Dinamap and has loaned it to Jack and his family.


Kaitlyn Turner runs the Kids Corner at the National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk.


KIDNEY KIDS will educate the public about children with kidney disease and illnesses (i.e. prevention, screening and organ transplantation). This will be accomplished by the distribution of literature (fact sheets and brochures) to citizens, families and businesses at appropriate venues such as health fairs and community events.


Support of Like-Minded Organizations
KIDNEY KIDS will also support other organizations that assist children with kidney diseases and illnesses and their families and that are organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes and which qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

Special Projects
KIDNEY KIDS will also engage in other activities and implement other programs related to supporting children with kidney diseases and illnesses as well as their families to lessen the physical, emotional impacts of living with a kidney disease or illness.



We are here to help!


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